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Kent Refugee Help (KRH) is a small charity supporting immigration detainees held in Dover Immigration and Removal Centre (DIRC) and in Her Majesty's Prisons (HMP) Wormwood Scrubs, Pentonville, Wandsworth and Elmley. 

Charity number 1120185
website address: www.kentrefugeehelp.org.uk
Patron: Professor John Fitzpatrick, OBE
Kent Law Clinic

On 1 October, KRH submitted the document attached here to the Enquiry, providing detailed information from seven years of experience working closely with people in detention and their families. The blog below was also submitted in evidence by a detainee at Haslar ...

"Too many laws, not enough justice..," a voice from Haslar Immigration Removal Centre...

"My name is Henry, aged 53, and though of Nigerian and Sierra Leonean mixed parentage, I have spent the last 31years of my life in the United Kingdom. I have a British wife, and two sons who were born here. I was arrested and detained since the beginning of Feb 2014 despite not having defaulted on anything for four years. I am considered a ‘risk to society’ by the Home Office because of a non-violent crime I committed, and served prison time for, 17 years ago. I have been detained in Haslar...

Eddie Barns Memorial Fund

Following the very sad death of our caseworker, Eddie Barns, in February, 2013, KRH established a fund in his name specifically for the emergency needs of our clients.  We continue to gratefully accept contributions to the fund.  

Sureties Needed!

If you are a UK citizen in good standing, and feel able to give someone in detention an urgently-needed vote of confidence at an extremely difficult moment in their lives, please, please get in touch!

postal address: 
PO Box 192
Whitstable, Kent

info @kentrefugeehelp.org.uk
What is the link between Chaucer and contemporary refugees? Answer: http://refugeetales.org.  The Refugee Tales: a 38-mile walk, in solidarity with refugees and detainees from Dover to Crawley via Canterbury, 13-21 June 2015

Inside Immigration Detention

A new book by Mary Bosworth on  immigration detention, exposing its isolating and dehumanising effects, has just been published.  Read a review here.